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Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Generation

Why do a blog of the Stewart/Mason (my father changed his name prior to marriage, but the reason is unclear) family? Because no one else is. I will attempt to leave an epic saga of our gene pool or just a good story. The very first thing I found is that it's not easy, but once you get on the family line you find history to the max. I will also attempt to document the way people lived, relaxed and died. Sit back and enjoy the trip.

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  1. Greetings and salutations to you and your family! I have recently just ran across your site during my own genetic genealogical research. I find your research very interesting to say the least. On a side note I wanted to point out that I have a DNA match with a Mason. My line is believed to trace back to Hamo/ Hamond De Mascy/ Massy Baron of Chester/ Cheshire. It is my postulation that we are connected to the Conteville/ Comyn/ De Burgh/ De Burgos line of John De Conteville>Herluin De Conteville>Robert De Conteville a.k.a. Mortain/ Mortagne. We are in Haplogroup I1 (M253), Z58+, Z138+, Z139+(not confirmed but markers show Z2540+). I see a lot of similar information and research from my own family and your. Please e-mail me:
    John D. Massey