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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ardaric, King of the Ostrogoths

ARDARIC died around 460 was the most renowned king of the Gepids. He was famed for his loyalty and wisdom, one of the most trusted adherents of Attila the Hun, who prized him above all the other chieftans. Scholar give credit to the traditional claim that Attila's daughter was one of many wives of Ardaric, king of the Gepids. It is assumed that the 6th-century Gepid rulers descended from Ardaric and that some royal Gepids claimed descent from this marriage in particular, although details are unclear. After Attila's death, Ardaric led the rebellion against Attilas sons and routed them in the Battle of Nedao, thus ending the Huns' supremacy in Eastern Europe.

THE GEPIDS were an East Germanic Gothic (Celts) tribe most famous in history for defeating the Huns after the death of Arrila. The state of the Gepids was commonly known as Gepidia or Kingdom of the Gepids, whose territory is composed of parts of modern day Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, and Serbia.

The Gepids were first mentioned around 260 CE when they participated with the Goths in an invasion in Dacia, where they were settled in Jordanes' time, the mid 6th century, The early origins are reported in Jordanes where their names derive from their later and slower migration from Scandinavia.

The first settlement of the Gepids were at the mouth of the Vistula River, which runs south to north from the Polish Carpathian mountains.

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