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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

...more Irish Kings of the family

This shield is a re-creation of Conn's of the Hundred Battles. He is the direct ancestor of Muirdach, the father of all MacIntyres, and the King from which virtually all of the ancient Royal Irish and Gael King of Scots descend in either the male of female line, sometimes both. His targe prominently features his rising Red War Eagle symbol. Conn is most famous for re-uniting Eirinn under one High King, with the four provincial Kings under him. He was Ard Righ, or High King of Eirinn (Ireland) around 150AD.

King of Ulster Eogamhuin (174 - 225)
is my 50th great grandfather
Aongus, King of Ulster Gabhneach (193 - )
Son of King of Ulster
Fiachadh, King of Ulster Araiade (232 - 280)
Son of Aongus, King of Ulster
Murion Britain (266 - 287)
Daughter of Fiachadh, King of Ulster
Eochaid Mugmedón
Son of Murion
Niall of the Nine Hostages Noigíallach
Son of Eochaid
Eogan Find MacNeill (405 - 465)
Son of Niall of the Nine Hostages
King Muiredach MacEogain O'Neill (435 - 480)
Son of Eogan Find
Muirchertach Macercae, High King O'Neill (480 - 536)
Son of King Muiredach MacEogain
King Domnall MacMuirchertaig (525 - 566)
Son of Muirchertach Macercae, High King
King Aed Uaridnach O'Neill (566 - 612)
Son of King Domnall
Mael Fithrich O'Neill (600 - 640)
Son of King Aed Uaridnach
Mael, King of Cellach Duin (620 - 681)
Son of Mael Fithrich
Fergal Mac Maele Duin (681 - 722)
Son of Mael, King of Cellach
Niall Frossach, High King Macfergal (715 - 778)
Son of Fergal Mac Maele
Aed Oirdnile, High King O'Neil (750 - 819)
Son of Niall Frossach, High King
Niall Caille, High King of Ireland O'Neil (791 - 846)
Son of Aed Oirdnile, High King
Joan O'Neill (825 - )
Daughter of Niall Caille, High King of Ireland
Finn MacMael O'Faelain (880 - 923)
Son of Joan
King Morugh of Leinster MacFinn (923 - 972)
Son of Finn MacMael
Gormflaith Ingen Murchada MacFinn (954 - 1030)
Daughter of King Morugh of Leinster
Donnchad Ua Brian (985 - 1064)
Son of Gormflaith Ingen Murchada
Derbforgaill Ingen Donnchada (1009 - 1080)
Daughter of Donnchad Ua
Murchadh Murcha Leinster Morrough (1055 - 1090)
Son of Derbforgaill ingen
Donoch Donnchad MacMorough (1077 - 1115)
Son of Murchadh Murcha Leinster
King of Leinster Dermod Na-Ngall McMurrough (1110 - 1171)
Son of Donoch Donnchad
Eva Aoife, Princess of Leinster, Countess of Ireland and Strigolid McMurrough (1141 - 1188)
Daughter of King of Leinster Dermod Na-Ngall
Isabel, Countess of Penbroke De Clare (1172 - 1220)
Daughter of Eva Aoife, Princess of Leinster, Countess of Ireland and Strigolid
Gilbert, 4th Earl of Pembroke Marshall (1194 - 1245)
Son of Isabel, Countess of Penbroke
Lady Eva Marshall (1238 - 1268)
Daughter of Gilbert, 4th Earl of Pembroke
Thomas Boyvill (1264 - 1308)
Son of Lady Eva
John Boyvill Esq. (1284 - 1360)
Son of Thomas
Beatrice Boyvill (1310 - 1377)
Daughter of John
John Hutchinson (1350 - 1425)
Son of Beatrice
James Hutchinson (1402 - 1427)
Son of John
William Hutchinson (1427 - 1474)
Son of James
Anthony Hutchinson (1454 - 1480)
Son of William
Rudolph Hudson (1475 - 1530)
Son of Anthony
Henry I Hudson (1500 - 1555)
Son of Rudolph
Henry II Hudson (1541 - 1611)
Son of Henry I
William Hudson (1575 - 1630)
Son of Henry II
Richard Hudson (1605 - 1659)
Son of William
John Hudson (1626 - 1693)
Son of Richard
William Hudson (1678 - 1737)
Son of John
Elizabeth Hudson (1703 - 1772)
Daughter of William
Hudson Blankenship (1729 - 1814)
Son of Elizabeth
Obedience Blankenship (1770 - 1849)
Daughter of Hudson
Samuel Cothren (1799 - 1868)
Son of Obedience
Benjamin Cothren (1833 - 1900)
Son of Samuel
Sarah Nettie Cothran (1867 - 1900)
Daughter of Benjamin
Edna Iva Mahannah (1890 - 1949)
Daughter of Sarah Nettie
Dwight (Robert) Stewart (Mason) (1913 - 1989)
Son of Edna Iva
Ronald Richard (Stewart) Mason

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  1. Mason,
    I am also a descendant of Rudolph, Henry Hudson and later on all of the Richard Hudsons who lived in America. Is there a reasonable explanation as to why the surname went from Hutchinson to Hudson? This is the same info I have come across but am reluctant to add it to our family tree without understanding the crossover. Also, without 'birth certificates' how can true ancestors be verified. This is something I am working on for my 95 year old grandfather, JD Hudson, and would appreciate any help. Thanks and I have enjoyed your blog.
    Ronda Chesser-Porter