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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Danish Viking lineage from 818 B.C.

818 B.C. Hadding King of Denmark (m) Princess Ragnhild (d) King of the Nitherians had Princess Ulfhild who (m) Scot and founded the Scottish name and had Frode King of Denmark and had Princess Swanhwid who married Regner the King of Sweden. 631 B.C. Regner the King of Sweden had 527 B.C. Hothbrod King of Sweden had Hother King of Sweden and Denmark had 486 B.C. Roric Slyngband (swing bracelet) King of Denmark had 431 B.C. Wiglek King of Denmark had 356 B.C. Wermund King of Denmark had 295 B.C. Uffe King of Denmark had 265 B.C. Danus II King of Denmark had Hugleik King of Denmark had 176 B.C. Frode II King of Denmark had 146 B.C. Danus III King of Denmark had 77 B.C. Fridleif I King of Denmark had 37 B.C. Frode III King of Denmark had 21 A.D. Fridleif II King of Denmark had 33 A.D. Frode IV King of Denmark had 79 A.D. Ingild King of Denmark had 102 A.D. Olaf I King of Denmark had Harold and Frode 112 A.D. Harold I King of Denmark was killed by Frode his brother but not before he had Harald and Halfdan (Frode V was king of Denmark until burned to death by nephews Harald and Halfdan - for revenge and/or the throne) 131 A.D. Halfdan II - King of Denmark and Sweden had Halfdan II who preferred to go a-viking and turned the throne over to his brother Harald II. Harald II was killed by Frode IV's son and Halfdan took the throne back. 141 A.D. Asmund - King of Norway had Ragnald King of Norway and Denmark had Princes Drota but was overthrown in Zealand, Denmark by Siwald whose son, Sigar reigned after him til 155 A.D. Princes Drota (m) Borgar a Champion and had 201 A.D. Halfdan King of Denmark (m) Princess Gurid had 261 A.D. Ivar Vidfadme King of Denmark had grandson Harald Hyldetland and Grandaughter who (m) Siward, King of Norway and had Ivar created mighty Danish Kingdom around the province of Skaane probably with the town of Lund as capitol. Ivar had grandson Harald Hyldetland 261 A.D. who rebuilt the Kingdom ~ 327 A.D. Olaf King of Denmark had Olaf II King of Denmark had Omund, King of Denmark had 367 A.D. Siward King of Denmark had Jarmerik King of Denmark had Broder King of Denmark had Siwald King of Denmark had Snio King of Denmark had several kings ruled before Bjorn took the throne including Hengest who was presumably King of the Jutes (Danes from Jutland) who in 449 A.D. landed on the shores of England and established the Jute Kingdom of Kent in England. This kingdom eventually included Kent, Essex, Middlesex, Sussex, London, Surrey, and the Isle of Wight 550 A.D. Bjorn King of Denmark had Harald V, King of Denmark had Gorm I, King of Denmark had Sigfred King of Denmark had Gudfred King of Denmark had 814 A.D. Hardeknud King of Denmark b. abt 814 A.D. in Hord, Jutland, Denmark had Olaf King of Denmark died in 810 A.D. so Gudfred's Nephew Hemming became King. Gudfred's next son Hardeknud was in line to become king. 840 A.D. Gorm III "The Old" Hardeknudsson King of Denmark b. 840 A.D. (m) Princess Thyra and had Princess Thyra (Daughter of Ethelred King of England?) also called Thyre "Danebod" (of Jutland) Haroldsdatter Queen of Denmark (she was born abt 844 A.D. Jutland, Denmark died abt 935 A.D. Jellinge, Vejle, Denmark buried Jellinghojene, Jellinge, Vejle, Denmark) they were married abt 897 A.D. 910 A.D. Harald King of Denmark aka Blaatand (Blue Tooth) b. 910 A.D. and (m) Queen Gyrithe (Cyrid) Olafsdotter, and the rest is history...

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