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Friday, April 12, 2013

David Ogden of Elizabethtown...Josh Mason of Elizabethtown...

Small world. Josh is working for Modern Age Tattoo Company in Elizabethtown, KY and Josh and Aaron's 8th great grandfather David Ogden on their mother's side lived in Elizabethtown, NJ. He was twin to his brother Jonathan, and came to eastern Long Island late in 1640, living with his family in South- or Northampton, Long Island (we lived in West Hampton, Long Island) until the family removed to Elizabethtown N.J. in 1665. He was twenty-six years old at the latter date, and is in that year named as one of the original Associates of Elizabethtown. He had taken oath of allegiance to the English government of New York on Feb. 19, 1665, probably while on Long Id., as the family settled at Elizabethtown, N.J. about the middle of the year.

"The 'Newark Town Records' of 1670 state that nearly all the trades and callings necessary to the convenience and comfort of the colony were represented; among them is mentioned 'a stone church builder, David Ogden.'

"On Sept. 11, 1673, he took oath of allegiance to the Dutch government of New Amsterdam. He applied for a survey of 120 acres Apr. 27, 1676, and about that time removed to Newark, N.J." On November 24, 1679, he was "to carry in Mr. Pierson's wood for one quarter of the year." At a Town Meeting held Jan. 1, 1679, David Ogden and others were chosen Town's Men for that year, 'having the same power as others formerly.' He was elected again by the Town Meeting held Jan. 4, 1680, at which meeting he was allotted one of the gates in the common fence to keep in repair, instead of his proportion of the common fence...

"At town meeting held Dec. 4, 1682, 'Joseph Walters and David Ogden are chosen to go each Man that stands indebted to the Town in the Treasurer's Book, and make Demand thereof, or desire them to reckon with the Treasurer within a Week's Time; and if they have neither Meat nor Corn to pay, the Treasurer doth engage to putt them in a Way to pay their Debts with Timber; but if they will not pay nor reckon, then the Constable shall come with a Warrant and distrain for it.'"

At Town Meeting held Jan. 1, 1683, David signed a resolution for penalty for missing Town Meeting. He also signed a resolution stating the pay and tax for the minister. He married Elizabeth Swaine, 1676, in Elizabeth, Union Co., NJ

Photo: Josh with Tray Benhem, InkMaster with the portrait he did of Tray.

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