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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

We are the Holy Grail

Here's the real "truth" behind the grail. We have a direct bloodline (Meric Penardun Siluria, mother: Enygeus; father: Bron) to that Jewish carpenter named Jesus. So, instead of being called Laird (since I legally own land in Scotland) Mason, you can just call me "the lord". In one legend, (Saint) Joseph of Arimathea was a soldier of Pontius Pilate who was given the cup Jesus used in the Last Supper. In Tom Cowan's book Fire in the Head: Shamanism and the Celtic Spirit, he states that the cup of Joseph of Arimathea was used to catch the blood of Christ while he was hung on the cross. After Jesus' Resurrection, Joseph was thrown into a dungeon where Jesus appeared to him and gave him the cup, which had fallen out of his possession after the fall of Jerusalem. Joseph was freed and he, his sister Enygeus, and her husband Hebron (Bron) went into exile in Briton (I would have picked an island in the Mediterranean somewhere).


Saint Joseph of Arimathea's day is March 29th. St Joseph asked for the Body of Jesus. Aided by Nicodemus, he took the Body of the Savior from the Cross, bound it up in trappings of cloth with perfumed oil, and laid it in his own tomb, which had been hewned from a formation of rock (he was a tin miner). Joseph was sent from Gaul by Phillip the Apostle to bring Christianity to the British, and to make this convertion easier, he took the Grail. Bron and Enygeus had twelve sons, eleven married. Alan did not marry and he preached Christianity. Joseph was said to have entrusted Bron with the Grail, and, in one account, Bron, a fisherman, brought it to Britian, while Joseph crossed the sea to Britain on his miraculous shirt.


Others feel that the Holy Grail is the Bloodines of Christ: Current writings show these lines.

Following the Jewish revolt in Jerusalem, during the 1st century AD, the Roman overlords were reputed to have destroyed all records concerning the Davidic legacy of Jesus, the Messiah's family. Jesus's heirs were from the Royal House of Judah.

I. Anna married Joseph of Arimathea (St. James)

II. Anna (Enygeus) married Bron the Bressed (Bron)(Bron Fendigaid ap Llyr Llediaith King of Siluria born about 60. Bron, King of Siluria. In the year A.D. 36 he resigned the crown to his son Caradoc and became Arch-Druid of the college of Siluria, where he remained some years until called upon to be a hostage for his son. During his seven years in Rome he became the first royal convert to Christianity, and was baptized by the Apostle Paul, as was his son Caradoc and the latter's two sons, Cyllinus and Cynon. Henceforth he was known as Bran the Blessed Sovereign. "He was the first to bring the faith of Christ to the Cymry." His recorded proverb is: "There is no good apart from God." He introduced the use of vellum into Britain). you see, we are all a part of history.

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