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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Why are we poor?

This was a question proposed by Aaron after discussing all the royality and wealth in our family history. Why are we poor, if so many before were wealthy? It's hard to say why because our families didn't keep track of family history. Genealogy doesn't lie...we were part of history (from Sepio to Stewart) and owned (or had title to) many millions of acres.

We have all been brought up on "the American dream". Get married, own a house and have children. Work hard and have what you want (debt doesn't matter), and happiness is yours. Wrong, and I say that because I did it. Our distant wealth was brought about through the misery of others. From the Roman Empire to the British Empire our families have used slaves, serfs, murder, blackmail, intrigue, and marriage to become part of the elite.

Now, after years of living "poor" we wonder why? Because I think our forefathers knew that hard work and enterprise give honor and pride to a person. I for one, am proud that I know how to work hard and pay my way in the world (Aaron and Josh have learned that lesson well too). Feel free to pursue the American dream because it can bring "happiness" if used the right way. All I'm saying is that I've found my happiness in not having material things, but in knowing what makes me happy.

I've been quoted in saying "I've sworn to a vow of poverty and chastity"...some laugh, some ask why? It's because money and sex are the two things that make most of us crazy. I'm tired of being crazy, so I'm trying to do without both. Being king of the world is out for now, so I'm just going to is good

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